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As glass fusing artists, we turned our interests to Dichroic Fused Glass in 2001 and found that it was difficult to find anyone who was geared to meet the needs of the hobbyist and small studio artist. Those of you who were involved at that time knew that you did not have many choices. We identified this niche and began serving artists and hobbyist on the internet. We obviously understand the artist and hobbyist needs and desires as we continue to grow. We are still innovating and continuously evaluating our procedures to meet these needs. We have focused primarily upon fused glass materials, supplies, equipment, and jewelry findings.

What are the basic practices that DichroicAndMore.com operate under?

1. Wide Selection of Materials

DichroicAndMore.com offers a wide selection of Dichroic Glass Scrap, as well as, Dichroic Glass Patterns, and textures, pre-cut in various sizes and shapes to fit your needs. To accomplish this goal we are continually expanding our inventory. You can be certain that whenever a new product is available, you will immediately find it on this website.

2. Variety

3. Fairly Priced

4. Promptly Shipped

5. Well Packed

6. High Level of Customer Service

DichroicAndMore.com operates under an old fashioned belief that the customer is number one. You can be assured that any employee you may encounter will always treat you with care and respect. Your questions are always answered promptly in a courteous and friendly manner.

We identified a growing need of artisans and hobbyists to have a reliable source of Glass Fusing materials, supplies, and equipment at a reasonable cost. We therefore truly understand the needs of artists.

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