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Choose the right decal for your needs;
Fused glass decals come in low-fire and high-fire,
Determine which product you are purchasing so that you will know which schedule to use for these glass fusing decals.
Low-fire decals are generally fired to between 1034-1074 degrees Fahrenheit,
High-fire decals go up to temperatures between 1280-1320 degrees Fahrenheit
Low-Hi fire decals fire between 1140-1440 degrees Fahrenheit. versatile firing range
Dichroic And More is proud to offer a variety of Dichroic Glass and Glass Fusing Supplies at competitive wholesale discount prices. Buy with Confidence. 100% Money Back Guarantee
High Fire Melallic Decals
Low Cost, Easy to Use, Will fire on any color glass, any COE
Low Fire Decals
Low Fire glass fusing decals
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